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PS-050 Large servo for R/C model

The regular torque of PS-050 is about 1/6 of the starting torque.

  1. Example:
  • 7.5 N・m(77.0kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 6.0V
  • 6.0 N・m(61.6kg-cm) in stall torque at Input Voltage 4.8V

The operating speed and power vary with input voltage.

  • Revolution Speed of horn at 60deg in input voltage 6.0V is 0.3/sec

PS-050 may be mounted on over 3 to 4 meters class wingspan plane.

  • Dimensions L100mm W44mm H93mm Weight 290gr

The output shaft is supported by two large-diameter ball bearing.
JR connector is used. This can be also connected to FUTABA and other receiver.

  • Suggesting retail price 30,000yen
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